About Quoject

About Quoject

Quoject has been specifically designed to solve problems and make life easier for our two customer groups: property managers and tradespeople.

From our own experiences working in the commercial property sector we know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be managing maintenance and renovation projects. Everything from finding contractors, to keeping track of progress, to matching up quotes and invoices at the end of the project takes time that could be far better spent on something else.

And our contractors have told us they face much the same problems – there’s urgent need for a 24 hour job portal that’s accessible and easy to use on the go. They face daily challenges and waste precious time trying to get clear instructions and quick decisions, keep in touch with clients and manage their workload.

So we built Quoject to do all that for them!

Quoject saves property managers time and money, takes away the stress and hassle of managing property and allows them to concentrate on their core business. And it helps tradespeople to find work and build strong ongoing relationships with great clients, while also saving them time and making life simple.

post your job in seconds...


Post your job, receive rapid quotes from skilled service providers.


Compare quotes, details and feedback to choose the ideal service provider. 


Set goals, monitor progress and keep up to date throughout the project. 


Save time, get excellent results and get your project completed fast.

annabel vassella

Quoject is led by its founder Annabel Vassella, a passionate and experienced entrepreneur who has already built several successful businesses from the ground up.  

Her previous ventures include jewellery and accessories design business Bijoux, which successfully partnered with international clothing brand Lorna Jane, and the establishment of retail leasing and shopping centre management business Retailspace. 

With a varied background in marketing, design and business management, as well as almost a decade in commercial property management, Annabel brings determination, creativity and exceptional business acumen to her role as leader of Quoject. 

Annabel Vassella

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future vision

Our vision is for Quoject to become Australia’s number 1 job portal.   

We plan to achieve this by connecting skilled tradespeople with great customers, by helping people build their businesses and networks, and by making sure that every job gets not just quoted, but completed.  

Quoject has been carefully designed to meet the needs of tradespeople, real estate firms and commercial property managers. Its accessible, flexible design also makes it ideal for businesses with multiple office buildings or properties. In the future we plan to create a specialised Quoject system to cater to the needs of body corporates and insurance agencies. 

For all our users, now and future, Quoject’s goal is to save time and make life easier: to enable action beyond the quote. It’s a simple promise – and one that separates us from our competitors.

apprenticeship program

Quoject is committed to being a contributing member of our community and a caring and responsible corporate citizen. Once the company is well established, we intend to have a Quoject Apprenticeship Program in association with our top Suppliers & the Queensland Government to support and offer apprenticeship programs.