Navigating the Seasons -The Ultimate Guide to Managing Emergency Maintenance over the Holiday Season

by | Feb 5, 2024 | News

Property managers need to consider several factors ahead of the holiday season to ensure the smooth management of properties and address potential issues before they arise. When conducting maintenance over the Christmas and New Year period, property managers should be mindful of reduced contractor availability, response times, and access to emergency services. 

Availability of Contractors Check the availability of contractors during the holiday season. Some contractors may have reduced availability, so it’s crucial to confirm their schedule and whether they can accommodate the required maintenance work. 

Response Time Clarify the expected response time from contractors for providing quotes. Some contractors may have extended response times during the holidays, so it’s essential to set clear expectations. 

Emergency Services Identify contractors who offer emergency services during the holidays. In case of urgent maintenance issues, having access to responsive contractors can be crucial for the safety and well-being of tenants. 

Cost and Payment Terms Discuss and confirm the cost of the maintenance work and any applicable fees. Clarify the payment terms and whether there are any adjustments for holiday rates or expedited services.  

Scheduling and Coordination Coordinate with contractors to schedule preventative maintenance work at times that are least disruptive to tenants. Ensure that tenants are informed in advance of any scheduled work and that there is a plan for access to the property. 

Alternative Plans Have contingency plans in case the preferred contractor is unavailable or unable to meet the required timeline. Identify backup options to ensure that maintenance issues can be promptly addressed. 

Communicate in Advance Inform tenants about any office closures well in advance. Provide emergency contact information for urgent issues during the closure. 

Automate Processes Utilise property management software to automate routine tasks. Set up automatic responses for emails and inquiries during the closure.

Payment Reminders Send payment reminders to tenants ahead of time. Provide information about any changes to the payment schedule due to the closure. 






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