Regular maintenance reduces the chances of a midnight call out

by | Nov 10, 2023 | News


Regular maintenance reduces the chances of a midnight call out
It’s the time of the year when many of us jump out of bed with an additional spring in our step. Spring is such a perfect time of year in Brisbane, The days are warmer, the nights still somewhat cooler.  I know you have probably received plenty of reminders that spring is the time to address some of those regular maintenance issues that lingered during winter but if not addressed might become a major problem. So, in the interests of avoiding those midnight call outs why not address some of the everyday property maintenance issues now?  Below are just a few of the coming summer essentials to tick off your checklist.

Clean gutters and remove leaves
Summer rain is not far away, and with that in mind, checking gutters now for leaves and debris, and replacing worn gutters is critical. There only needs to be one major storm and you might face several of your properties reporting massive water damage as an outcome of drains overflowing. In addition, if you have properties in bush fire risk areas, cleaning out gutters and removing rubbish around properties is especially important.

Clean the air conditioners
Air conditioners are just about to be turned on, and stay on, as the weather heats up. Now is the perfect time to give the air conditioners in your properties a regular service, filter change and clean. 

Garden and outdoor maintenance
For properties with gardens and lawns, spring is a great time to refresh the mulch, cut back trees and shrubs, and reseed any lawn. And, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, getting that checked for leaks is a great idea.

Pool maintenance
|It’s likely the pool hasn’t had a lot of use over winter but as the weather warms up it will get plenty of use. Right now, is the time to give the pool an overhaul. Don’t forget to include a safety check on the fencing and gates.  

How to fit these tasks into your busy day using Quoject
So, I’ve convinced you that a spring check of the pool, gardens, and gutters is a good idea, but I understand your busy, your to-do list is already too big. 

What if I could show you an easier way to get the quotes and manage the myriad of tasks that I have just added to. Introducing Quoject, a powerful online portal that brings together property managers with skilled tradespeople to get property and commercial tasks completed quickly and thoroughly. With Quoject you can source reliable trades people, list the tasks required, obtain quotes, confirm, and check progress on jobs.   Find out how Quoject can save you time, and money, and get the job done. Free trial for all trades available.



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