Is your Tradie a bit out of sorts, spare the time to ask if they are OK?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | News


When we think about tradies what might come to mind is that it’s a dangerous sector to work. The risk of an injury is high compared to many other occupations. Another area that impacts men, and therefore tradies (since most people in this sector are male) is their mental health.

You might already be aware that men are three time more likely than women to take their lives. But are you aware that the suicide rate among tradesmen is three times higher than for other men, or that construction workers are at least six time more like to die by suicide than on a workplace accident?

Which is why we ask that if the tradesperson that comes to your property to work on a job seems out of sorts, or if a regular tradie is not their usual self, let them know you care and ask, Are you OK?


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